Professional Sapper Services


The company Sapper Support sp.z o.o. was born out of passion in 2009.

Our company was granted the decision of the Silesian Voivode on the basis of which bomb disposal  with use of explosives are allowed to be carried out.

Basing on the Act on Explosives for Civil Use, our employees have  been entitled to carry out works with explosives since they hold:

  1. Valid certificate issued on the basis of the Act on Explosives for Civil Use
  2. Positive opinion of the County or City Police Commander
  3. Certificate or declaration of no criminal record
  4. Positive medical psychological opinion issued by a specialist entered in the register of the Provincial Police Commander
  5. Positive medical psychiatrist opinion.

We work with specialists who served in various Uniformed Services, i.e. the Polish Army,  in demining patrols or other bomb experts’ formations, the Police, in squads dealing with the neutralization of explosive objects and devices, the Border Guard in subunits dedicated to the destruction of explosives, including unexploded ordeals and misfires.

All of them have a long track of professional experience. The internal knowledge and experience sharing allows us to provide services at the highest level.

We offer professional sapper services. We specialize in demining, demolition using explosives, building monitoring, aerial photography, thermal imaging studies.
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