Professional Sapper Services


We have specialized equipment, experience,
qualifications and professional staff.

Destroying explosives of military origin

Bombs are destroyed with the use of explosives material for civil use.


We offer direct supervision during works
earthworks by trained and prepared sappers.

opinions and sappers opinions

We maximize the level of process security construction
by analyzing the planned investment.


Professional work using materials
explosives, intended for civil use

Sapper Support sp. z o.o.

Artefacts of war origin, i.e. unexploded ordnances or misfires –  bomb  disposal expert services, demining constitute the core of our specialization.

We travelled over a million kilometers to carry out engineers’ reconnaissance on an area of over 50,000 hectares, exposed thousands of unexploded ordnance and misfires for disposal of which we used hundreds of kilograms of civilian explosives. We have been trusted by over 100 Polish and foreign entities, including state and public institutions.

Our experience, especially the one gained in cooperation with road and building construction companies, allowed us to develop a system of effective and flexible execution of orders, in order to minimize the risk for the investor as well as financial and time consequences that may occur due to investor’s inability to provide  proper bomb engineer service for the investment.

We are pleased to offer you our support in the form of a complex set of demining services in the scope of:

  • Area clearance done in the form of  bomb engineers’ reconnaissance
  • Disposal of ammunition of military origin
  • Bomb engineer’s supervision over earth works
  • Bomb engineer’s and expert’s opinions
  • Work with explosives intended for civilian use to demolish buildings by detonation method, crushing rocks, etc.
  • Search for underground objects,
  • Taking aerial photos and videos,
  • Thermographic inspection of buildings and structures.
We offer professional sapper services. We specialize in demining, demolition using explosives, building monitoring, aerial photography, thermal imaging studies.
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