Professional Sapper Services

Sapper Supervision

Professional bomb engineer’s service over an infrastructure investment starts with proper planning.

Sapper supervision is carried out in areas where thorough recognisance  is impossible due to heavy contamination of metal object or location of object that interfere with the work of metal detector  e.g. high-voltage lines, underground infrastructure, garbage dumps, heaps of displaced earth.

The sapper supervision works are aimed at ensuring the safety of all workers on the construction site during the earthworks.

The decision to select the area under the supervision of the  bomb engineer is made only after previous bomb engineer reconnaissance.

The service of sapper’s supervision consists of:

  • Professional training a contractor’s employees in the scope of the risk of revealing explosives of war origin during works
  • Layer checking and searching the area for the presence of explosives (layers are determined by the supervisor)
  • Running supervision of the activities performed and direct participation in works with use of heavy equipment and machines,
  • Verification of found or detected objects in terms of their risk and advice on appropriate security measures,
  • Active participation in construction process through participation in Construction Councils and contacts with the Investor’s Supervision
We offer professional sapper services. We specialize in demining, demolition using explosives, building monitoring, aerial photography, thermal imaging studies.
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