Professional Sapper Services

Aerial Photo & Video

We have professional equipment, a drone with a thermography inspection camera  which perfectly supports the work of securing the site  for the need of destruction of unexploded ordnance and misfires revealed by us.

The specialized equipment at our disposal is not only an ideal device for inspection of all kinds of structures but also an excellent tool for aerial photography.

As part of set of investment support services, we provide as well  photo services of implemented projects from a bird’s eye view. We document both spectacular events at construction sites and  the progress of construction works.

The image recorded by the drone  holds not only a  marketing value for the investor, but above all its added value as provides ability to supervise the correctness and safety of the assembly, for example, big wind turbines or setting prestressed concrete beams. The thermo graphic camera mounted on our drone allows for quick monitoring of objects from close proximity with minimal effort and high cost savings for the investor.

Photos and videos from the progress of works diversify the reporting of the construction site and allow you to fully preserve memories.

We offer professional sapper services. We specialize in demining, demolition using explosives, building monitoring, aerial photography, thermal imaging studies.
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