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Demining services

We cooperate with the Police for each work. This obligation is also imposed on us by the Act on Explosives for Civil Use. Such activities make our work transparent, ensure the exchange of information and ensure maximum security.

By applying the above rules, our  business partners never face the problem of disclosed explosives. Our company discloses, secures and destroys.

Having specialized equipment, necessary experience, permissions required by law and professional staff, we are able to provide comprehensive, reliable implementation of services.

The issue of sapper works is defined in the Act on explosives for civil use (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 117, item 1007, as amended). The above-mentioned act stipulates that the search for explosives is defined as economic activity resulting in the cleaning of areas. Land clearing consists of:

  1. Search – it is carried out using various types of geophysical methods, allowing to locate metal objects lying in the ground.
  2. Extraction – consists in skilfully excavating a metal object and then classifying it as containing an explosive or as scrap. Mining is always done by a qualified sapper.
  3. Securing – this activity consists in securing items containing explosive in a temporary warehouse in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Economy of August 16, 2010 on the storage in a temporary warehouse of explosives intended for civilian use or found during the clearance of areas (Journal of Laws No. 163, item 1106 of August 16, 2010 The police is notified of the creation of a temporary warehouse. In this way, the Police does not secure the temporary warehouse. The warehouse is secured by our company, usually it is a security company.
  4. Destruction or disposal of found explosives on land or in inland waters or sea areas:
  • destruction by our company of revealed explosive and dangerous objects (unexploded ordnance) with the use of an explosive intended for civil use in accordance with the indicated act as well as the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of February 18, 2011 on the method of carrying out works with the use of explosives for civil use and during the cleaning of areas (Journal of Laws of February 28, 2011).
  • handing over the disclosed explosives to the engineer patrol in accordance with the Act of June 13, 2019. on economic activity in the field of production and trade in explosives, weapons, ammunition and products and technology for military or police purposes (Journal of Laws 2019, item 1214). This Act introduced the obligation for the entrepreneur to establish cooperation with the Polish Army on a commercial basis.
We offer professional sapper services. We specialize in demining, demolition using explosives, building monitoring, aerial photography, thermal imaging studies.
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