Professional Sapper Services


Training of investor’s employees in the field of security for the occurrence of dangerous objects of military origin is treated by us as a key stage in building awareness and appropriate behavior, what significantly increases the security of the investment as a whole.

The training program acknowledges participants with the basic regulations, definitions of explosives and items containing explosives that can be revealed in the ground. The aim of the training is also to discuss situations causing crisis threats, familiarize participants with the method of identifying of  explosives and items containing explosives and, above all, to indicate the procedures for handling explosives and items containing these materials (notification procedure).

The training is always carried out in a practical and multimedia formula, by professional sapper specialists, which allows participants to quickly acquire elementary knowledge that becomes the starting point for developing the right habit of dealing with dangerous objects. When training, we always keep the practical approach so we always refer to real dangerous situations that we have encountered during many years of professional practice, for the need of that we use training artifacts, films or photos as this helps the trainees to effectively transfer theoretical knowledge to their daily professional life.

We offer professional sapper services. We specialize in demining, demolition using explosives, building monitoring, aerial photography, thermal imaging studies.
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